Tuesday, January 19, 2010

To the best strawberryhead I know!

Dearest Miranda,

Happy Happy Birthday! It's been weeks since we last skyped and I miss you so much! Life is so boring when you're not part of my day. It's never the same when I go karaoke-ing or purikura-ing. You are my one and only BAKLA who'll gamely twist and shout with me like there's no tomorrow and who'll go all high with sugar after 3 scoops of our favorite haagen dazs strawberry ice cream. I miss listening to the Beatles, Beach Boys, and Eraserheads with you. I miss your eccentric self who has this fetish for dudes in boots and old men. I miss your tutus, your pink,orange, and yellow bangle combo, and your beautiful piano playing. I miss your hearts whenever you write "i"s and your adorable & desperate "NOOOO" whenever something trivial comes up.

I'll see you soon, dearie. We're all busy with our futures right now. But I promise, us being great friends will be part of it. Can't wait to be your roomie in a fab pad.

I love you very much!

Hugs and kisses,


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