Sunday, July 12, 2009

I'm glad that I'm finally attending org stuff. I joined 3 orgs this sem, btw. Aiesec, Aperture society, and Psyche. Just the other day we had a trial photoshoot with Apsoc. Experimented with lighting and I'm excited to learn more.

Coco's okay right now btw. He went home after staying 2 nights at the vet. He has loadsss of medicine to take though and he's in a very strict diet already. I've been keeping myself knowledgeable with liver and kidney failure these days. I feel so helpless, I just want to keep Coco for the longest time possible.

Anyhoo, mostly org GAs occupy my time. But going to the library all the time has been this vice of mine already. Whenever I have a break, I'd go to the lib and look for books to read for leisure. I can't believe myself for not thinking about borrowing books for pleasure before. I have a favorite book shelf already. It's japanese non-fiction. I feel kinda stupid for not thinking about this for the longest time. Instead of buying books, I could have just borrowed. But then again, there are just books that I just want to have. It makes me feel secure and ermmm...a bearer of a secret knowledge. Okay.

I also borrowed the compilation of William Faulkner's short stories. I just loved A Rose for Emily so much, I'm so excited to read more works from him. That story's my fave classical short story. I remember reading it when I was still a high school sophomore.

I think I'm liking what I'm turning into. I'm trying to be more ma-PR and leadership-oriented with orgs. I'm also rubbing elbows with my introverted side when I read books in a weekly basis.

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