Monday, November 5, 2007

effing english

i just received my grades yesterday. hay. it was quite sad actually. it wasn't depressing, but it wasn't exactly euphoric either. i got a C+ for english which is really disappointing. i at least expected a B for it. all my papers and quizzes would at least have an average of a B or a B+ so i really can't see how i got a C+. the last time we asked our eng teacher she told us that she based the biggest percentage of the grade to recitation. fuck that mehn. isn't english 11 a writing class? and besides, there aren't much opportunities to recite in the first place. bruha talaga. oh well, whining and being a sour ass won't do me any good. life truly isn't fair.

on the bright side of my grades, i got my first A. :D and it' so ironic! i got an A in Fil! haha! back in high school i would get the lowest grade in Fil but now....i managed to get an A! woohoo. it's really surprising. Lit was also good to me, though i still think that if Rex and Julia's teacher would replace my eng and lit teachers, i could have gotten a higher grade. lit is so easy for them. my teacher asks the most highfaluting questions in her essays. and yes, she does give Fs and Ds. oh well. again, i can't be this whiny brat. i got a B, which is pretty okay since i've worked my ass on that subject! but then again, i couldn't get a higher grade because you really can't study Lit. it's something that comes out naturally. IMAO. in ateneo, i guess you really have to force yourself to understand lit. hmm a bit of an oxymoron don't you think? forced natural feel?

altogether, i got a QPI of 3.15. i guess it's a good start. the required QPI for being a Dean's lister is 3.35 so i guess it's a good start.

i just got sad when i saw my parents' reactions. they said it was good and okay. WHATTHEFUCK i worked my effing ass on my studies and all they could say is that?! i actually got more disappointed when they told me that. hay dyahe talaga.

i guess i really have to make the super duper extra effort in Ateneo.


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