Friday, November 2, 2007

this beats bumming anyday

yay! i'm also done with my mosaic vase :P haha you see that picture? that's all the sides of the vase. haha ask me how i was able to take a picture of all the sides. haha what i did was a result of pure laziness. i used the scanner. and i "rolled" the vase whenever the light scan thingy would move. hahaha!

doing the mosaic vase wasn't as easy as it looked. sheesh. the grout was so messy that i was sitting on the toilet cover the whole time as i washed the grout off in my basin. my basin was so messy that i had to clean it with thinner. haha. i did all those in the middle of the night! haha and it was nov 1! :)) oh well, "nothing" visited me anyway.

and it was so funny! when i smashed the glass tiles with a hammer, mom thought that there was some sort of construction going on in my room! haha :)) oh well.


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