Friday, November 30, 2007


i haven't been posting anything for a while in both my blog and multiply lately. i guess i'm just too busy OR too lazy? i think it's more of the latter one.

anyhoo, today is Bonifacio day so it's a holiday. Thank God for Andres and his "sugod lang ng sugod" mentality. hihi :P after years and years, he gave us the luxury of having a day off. hands down, lolo Andres.

i'm experiencing an eye strain right now after self-teaching myself to use Mail merge in MS Word, Pivot table in Excel, and reviewing stuff in Powerpoint. and my eyes are tearing up.which is kinda weird since i'm so used to gluing myself in front of the pc. and yeah, next week i'll be taking the ITM diagnostic exam. sheesh. i really need to pass that darn test! if not, i'll waste another 3 units of my 9 unit limit during the summer. sayang din iyon. i really need to gather all my available units to "lighten" my load for my 2nd yr. coz you know, Accounting and Calculus aint easy to juggle in one sem.

please, o, please! let me pass this freakin' ITM test! ugh. and you know how i am with the subject Computer. I may have practically spent a quarter of my lifetime in front of the pc, but that doesn't mean that I'm an expert. bleh. good thing there won't be any C++ programming during my college life. i'll simply die if i find out that there is some sort of programming subject that i have to take. as i know, if i pass the diagnostic, i won't have to take any other comp subject! whopee! the hard part? i still HAVE to pass it. and hello? isn't it obvious that ITM wasn't made for you to pass easily? coz if it was, then why did they put it during the summer time? if it's that easy, they should have just put it in our second sem.

just wish me luck on this. :) i usually clam up when it comes to these.

my whole body dreadfully hurts right now. it's all thanks to Arnis and my oh-so great teacher. according to him, our class was the "weakest", and to "cure" that, we won't have any breaks of any sort. for a whole hour, we had to "palo lang ng palo".

"sige pa!"

tang ina.

i'm not exagerrating, i have two huge blisters on my hands. i actually thought that they were just exagerrating that arnis will make your hands bleed and bruise coz the sticks didn't look rough at all. in fact, they are somewhat varnished and are actually very smooth.

but no.

after hours of "palo lang ng palo!", matutuklap talaga balat mo.




and i've been putting on spongebob squarepants band-aids on my blisters to ease the pain. it does help. a bit.

oh well. just you wait. if you think that i have an unbelievable punch, wack, or "hampas" right now, what more after this sem? oo, matakot na talaga kayo kapag makikipagharutan kayo sakin a? haha >:)

of course, i'll punch with a little love and care. :D

and i was so happy the other day! we got our long tests back in Japanese class. annnnd i got an A! yay! :D i got one mistake though. hihi :)

we were supposed to go out as a block yesterday. but for some untimely coup de etat, there were only 4 of us. :( and then we became three...and then there was only the two of us. nice one! :\

oh well, renz and i just watched Enchanted. ZOMG! it was so cute! haha. nakakapanggago talaga ung ibang scenes. =)) i also beat his ass in Air Hockey and Time crisis! HAH! :P

we managed to go home before the curfew! thank god! haha! pano kaya kung naabutan kami? adventure yun. makulong for one night. =)) i guess i would just have to experience that some other time. :P


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