Saturday, June 14, 2008


Yay! I'm finally delisted from Melton's class! My new teacher seems ok, she really teaches and even let us borrow her past lecture acetates. I've even sacrificed being with my block in acctg just for Calculus! But at least I transferred to a class with the same teacher, Valix. He's really nice and he teaches well. I do hope that he prepares us well for the Departmental tests, though.

After all that running around Ateneo for 2 days, it seems worth it naman. But now, I wished that I included my Fil14 in my loadrev form! He gives horrible grades daw! Waa :( Oh well, but he seems nice naman e.

I'm currently procastinating right now even though I have so much to do! I'll just hear mass then it's off to work for me! Wish me luck! I do hope I won't crack (again)!


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