Sunday, October 19, 2008

All my loving to you

I changed my layout again! But I'm not satisfied though. I just played with the codes and some pics. It looks....plain...and ugly. Haha. Oh well, I got dizzy reading the html, I wanna sleep na.

But oh, I have kwento.

Last Wednesday was the Bloomfields album launch (yes, I USED to be a fangirl) and I went! Of course, now's even better because Kookie, Kay, Arra, and, Bea were there! I was also able to meet Kookie's DLSU friends - Lu and Dianne.

It was my first time to see Jj's other bro, JC! And might I add, he's so good-looking! Hahaha. He even gave us free beer because he misunderstood us when Lu asked him if he was the one who'll drive us home while he was holding a bottle. Hahaha. At least it's free :) And he gave us seats.

Jc: Alam mo kanina, nung nawala kayo, minura ako ni JJ. Hindi pa ako makahanap ng upuan for you guys.

"Balita ko flirt kapatid mo, totoo ba?"

Jc: Hindi! Hindi...(?)

"Sinasabi mo lang iyan kasi kapatid mo e!"

Jc: Maliit ba iyong shorts na suot ko? Sa anak kasi to ni Pepe e.

(And oh...he has a nice...nice pair of eyes ano ba! =)) )

We were so funny! We spent most of our time eating at Pancake house because we got gg-ed! Hahaha, and Bea and I even hunted for Mong because Celine told us that she saw him! Okayyy. But we still watched them play for a while. We also got so giddy because of something HAHAHA. SHIT WALA NA KAYONG NAIINTINDIHAN NO? :))

"And I'll send all my loving to youuuuu (***)"

We have uhm a secret...hahaha. It has something to do with you know..****** and somebody else.

Okay, this isn't making sense anymore. I just wanted to blog because I'm still a bit giddy over it.

But I seriously missed Miranda because of this! Nobody was there to twist and shout with me! Oh the memories! It was when Rocky announced it as the BEST GIG EVER. Everybody was already dancing and we were in the front row. They even danced WITH US (yes, with me and Miranda). Oh well, going to their gigs just isn't right without you freakazoid. Haha. Miss you loads! Sorry I couldn't say hi to Pepe and your cousin Rocky. I only got to talk to jayjay e! Haha. Maybe next time :)

Di bale, I'll send you a copy of their album and jj's beso! hahaha.

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