Thursday, December 27, 2007

3-in-1 reunion

it's something past 12 already and i just finished posting all the pics in multiply. these past 2 weeks have been definitely been the bomb. just yesterday, i was lucky enough to catch up with high friends (both ii2 and iv2).

i spent the morning and the afternoon with ii2 at trinoma and the night with iv2 at friday's. oh, midnight and morning with makis and josel. we had another one of those last minute sleepovers.

we did the usual at trinoma. we ate at McDo and went crazy over timezone. are you even surprised that we went gaga over the karaoke rooms? again? you know the drill. :P i think we at least sang about 15 songs yesterday. i guess the 4 of us were obvious veterans as aca, mimi, and angel were a bid shocked. hehehe but they went with the flow towards the end. :)

the notes are old
they bend they fold
did you think that i would cry on the phone?
do you know what it feels like being alone
i'll find someone new
swing swing
from the corners of my heart
is crushed by a former love
can you help me find a way
to carry on again

ella ella e ella ella e
you can stay under my umbrella

Take it or leave it, take it or leave it
Are you as good as I remember baby, get it on, get it on, '
Cause tonight is the night when two become one I need some love like I never needed love before (wanna make love to ya baby)
I had a little love, now I'm back for more (wanna make love to ya baby)

love me love me
say that you'll love me love
fool me fool me

mapapansain kaya
sa dami ng iyong ginagawa
kung kaagaw ko sila
nag-aabang sa langit
sa mga ulap sumisilip
sa likod ng mga tala
kahit sulyap lang darna

ilang isaw pa ba ang kakaiinin, o giliw ko

uh uh uh oh why'd you have to go
away from home
me love

we bought some bday presents for mea and kookie and headed for kookie's house. :)

after that, i went home to change....then surprise bday parrrtaaaaaaay of mea at friday's!

it felt like high school over again. di parin kami nagbabago. HAHAHA.

wala paring finesse ang mga galaw at pinagsasabi namin.

we did look more lady-like though. you gotta give us some brownie points for that!

left at around 1030 and josel and makis slept over! wooohoo :D


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