Tuesday, December 11, 2007

i'll simply die when i don't have you guys

originally,i was supposed to mope around the whole night or even for the whole week because of today. i thought that i experienced the worst day ever of my college life.

my ym stat:
had an effing bad day :'(

many asked through ym why, and hmm? the only person who i truly told everything to was makis because she was the first one who asked. and for the rest who asked, i appreciate your concern. :) but telling it to everyone will be quite a chore, coz my bad day story was worth at least 30 minutes of your time. but really, thank you for all those who tried to cheer me up. i'm not having the worst day after all. :)

sometimes, when you feel so bad, it's also the time when you realize how much people care about you. i just happened to chat with some people i thought wouldn't even bother to IM me or even ask because it's been a while since i last talked to them. but hey, they still tried to cheer me up. :) and as much as how weird this may sound, i'm actually somewhat thankful that i had a bad day. without it, i wouldn't have been able to experience all the "love" that you guys offered . i am touched. really.

here are some "clips" that made my sprits lift up:
makish_fly (12/11/2007 7:59:03 PM): ocge!
makish_fly (12/11/2007 7:59:11 PM): anu ba yun kasi?!?!?
makish_fly (12/11/2007 7:59:15 PM): wats the problem?!?!!?
makish_fly (12/11/2007 7:59:22 PM): naku pag alam mo na number ko
makish_fly (12/11/2007 7:59:33 PM): call me at pupunthn kita everytime ganyan nararamdaman mo
makish_fly (12/11/2007 7:59:36 PM): !!!!!
makish_fly (12/11/2007 8:05:29 PM): ishi kaya mo yan!!! ---PERO SHIFT KA SA ECE OKEI LNG!

neng :P (12/11/2007 8:36:19 PM): (panoorin mo na lang video ni jc na nag ttap dance.. baka matawa/matuwa ka hehehe
neng :P (12/11/2007 9:05:00 PM): people love you!!! hehe >:D<>:D<>:D<>:D<
raffiiee_i428 (12/11/2007 9:08:47 PM): we all have those......
raffiiee_i428 (12/11/2007 9:08:56 PM): tapos lilipas din

and to trong, hands down ako sa iyo. her stat was :
"i had a fucking bad day :(("
"ishi had an effing bad day. cheer her up!"

hehe, thanks so much guys! even though it may seem like a little "hello" or hug from you, it made me so happy.

heck, the last time i was able to talk to neng was ages ago! hahaha :P

looking back, my bad day isn't that bad after all. :)


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