Sunday, December 16, 2007

santa claus is coming to town

it's my last week before my xmas break! wooohoo! things have gotten lighter too. i guess the teachers are too excited to give us requirements.

but i've been quite busy too ya know. i've been coming in and out of the library in hope of finding something worth borrowing for my eng paper. it's really frustrating though. i haven't found any book directly related to my topic and the books that "looked promising" were already checked out by someone else. :(

by the looks of it, english will be a hefty load this sem. by mid-january i have to submit the 1st draft of my paper and i still i have no idea how to start.

i only need one more source for my bibliography though! maybe tomorrow i could find more in the lib. :)

i'm also looking forward to tomorrow night! i'm going to have a date with makis. :P a simbang-gabi date.

i always loved the Gesu Church and the charming lighted trees at night. :) it'll be so much fun! this year, i'm really going to complete the 9-day simbang-gabi thing! never have i completed it so....this year, i'm going to complete it! :D ( nice analogy dude)

i feel Christmas-y already. i've even downloading a bunch of xmas songs in limewire to add the xmas cheer while i do my schoolwork too.

oh well. seeya around! i'm off to do my Japanese assignment!

don't forget to go to the simbang-gabi tomorrow at Gesu! it starts at 830. :) there will also be a xmas bazaar and a lot of bibingka stands at bellarmine field so come and join! :D

okay, that's enough advertising for now.


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