Saturday, December 8, 2007

just a quick update.

i'm kinda stressed right now. physics hasn't been good to me. sir culaba is still in mexico. (yes! bueno nacho! el diablo! el terrible!) and the sub sucks.

english and lit has been relatively light though. we had freecuts for both subjects yesterday but the freecuts were spent going up and down the stairs of the library for our quiz. it's really tiring coz it's not the usuual quiz where you just document or cite the books, you really have to look for the books, and then do something about it.

1. enumerate all the chapter titles of book blahblah
2. paraphrase what the author had to say in the november issue of the chronicle review (tae. 20 pages ung article)
3. copy the 1st paragraph of book blah blah
4. what is jacques lacan concept of the imaginary?
5. what is the year of the cynthia's thesis blahblah..
6. who wrote the article in chapter 7 in book blah blah

it was really tiring but it was also fun in some sense. i felt a bit proud for being able to look and "race" others for books. we only had 2 hours because the lib closed early yesterday. welll at least cathy and i are done already. :)

on tuesday, i'll be having my first long test for math. waaa i'm nervous. :( i'm usually unlucky when it comes to these. so please o please, help me God!

i'll also be having my first prelims for arnis on tuesday! waa i'm also nervous! i'm afraid that i won't be able to perform the combinations in front of sir. :/

on the more positive note, i'm still enjoying my japanese class :) even though our teacher is so hard core. we tackled hiragana in 2 weeks, another 2 weeks for katakana, and who-knows/what's-next. gosh. bien said that in his jap class, they were still in hiragana! arrgh! and their class was so slowpaced! waaa. i do hope my test2 score comes out well. i must ace this class! coz i know i'll be having a hard time acing my other subs especially physics and math11.

i also got seriously pissed when i was told that the ITm diagnostic was moved to january. arrgh. i spent hours studying for that stupid test and they're going to postpone it?! it's just unfair coz most of the poeple i know didn't even bother to study, and now they're rejoicing! i really need those 3 units for the summer kasi. i have to lighten my load. and hello, extra bayad pa yun.

something happened yesterday. when i was on my way to the shed where i was supposed to be picked up, something entered my mind. "hmm. my horoscope says that i need not to look far for love. love is just under my nose. so...let's say, the first person i'll bump into will be that person. nothing serious. i know that i won't bump into someone i know anymore coz hello, i'm going home already. and i'm just waiting for my sundo." then i heard someone shout out "ish!ish! hintayin mo ako!"

i turned my head...and whadya know... HAHAHAHA

tang ina. sana hindi ko na lang sinabi yun sa utak ko. sobrang natawa lang ako sa sarili ko.

pfft. nevermind. it was just so funny. i was so convinced that i wasn't going to bump into anyone tapos biglang...


don' t worry, i'm not taking that seriously. :D

and oh, here are some of the pics of our poetry grpwork:

meet joey and his evil conscience. >:) bwahaha

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