Friday, February 15, 2008

Love is in the air (?)



and more Love.

I bet the streets of EDSA and Recto had long queues if you know what i mean. ;;)

Especially in front of those Yellow and Red buildings, you know, the one with the apple or the geisha in it?


It's also another reason for business men to rejoice!

Everything cute seems to be priced way higher this season, but nobody seems to care.

Well they do.

But they splurge anyway.

What is it with Valentine's Day anyway? It's just another day to make the single feel worse and marginalized.

My day was pretty much ordinary. I gave out chocolates during Fil class and was tortured during Math period. Waaa Math longtest! I told you that would be the cherry on top of my day. Arnis was pretty fun. Sir said that we were originally going to have a freecut since it was V-day. But since there were more people who had no dates than those with ones, Sir decided to give us some therapy. :) We striked 10 powerstrikes on CONRAD (that's what we call the tire dummy) each time it was our turn. So yeah, I did feel better afterwards. :D

At least I didn't spend my V-day alone. :D I was with two of my favorite girls in the whole wide world! :D We dated at Cello's to get our own dose of the V-day Chocolate rush. Hey, everybody was eating chocolate that day anyway. Why not join 'em right? It was funny how we all had our own fits while making kwento and eating chocolate. Hay. hahaha. We ranted about Mr Penguin, Mr Boots, and my used-to Mr Tiny. It really is sadder to experience v-day outside an all-girls high school. Oh well.

But dont' get me wrong though! I had lotsa fun with Miranda, Makis, and Trong! It was so fun laughing out loud like there's no tomorrow all over again! And! My jaw hurt so much from laughing. I guess Miranda and I got so high with all the sugar we ingested. We just kept laughing with no reason, but felt a bit woozy when standing up. Hahaha. Good times.

We've decided. Or I've decided yesterday to say goodbye to Mr tiny. I think it's really for the better anyway. He won't fit in with my crazy ways anyway. And I'm way too artsy fartsy (or more like messy) and weird for him. Don't think anything drastic okay? I just liked him, okay? Nothing serious. But I did feel a bit sad though.

But nothing beats barubal fun! woooh! :D will post some pics here soon. Most of the pics are already at Multiply.


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