Sunday, May 18, 2008

I'm rooting for david

I am actually supposed to be studying right now but obviously I'm not! :)) I think I'm already getting addicted to facebook already...just when I thought I got tired signing up with one of those friendster-myspace-chuva social websites. It's fun, really! :)

And the other reason for my procastination is ---- American Idol Marathon! Doi! Seriously, I had to really drag myself up the stairs to force myself to study! SHIT naman kasi. If only I didn't see it was on Star Movies! Rar. Now it's the only thing I think about. So we all know now what's reason if I fail Eco and Histo. Now, if only my body permitted me to actually watch the whole AI marathon without the need to eat and sleep! HAHA. Thank goodness I was able to watch David Cook sing You'll Always Be My Baby again. :) AHHHH lovely lovely! < 3 And yes, Miranda, I also loooove Danny Noriega! I also don't care if he's gay! OMG I so want to live with him! HAHA it'll be so much fun and "HOOOT!" just the way you say it Danny. :P I seriously don't know why Malubay got eliminated. I think she was one of the best amongst the girls. I'm surprised how Kristy Cook even lasted longer than her. I have a crush on Kristy, btw. But let's face it. Malubay can sing better that her.

Ohhhh and I love seeing and hearing David Archuleta sing againnnn! I am so infatuated right now. Haha. Well, he's cute, what d'ya expect?! Seeing him is kinda refreshing actually, I thought almost all teenagers in the US were all pa-angas who had curse fits to match their pierced body parts. I like the way he snickers and giggles when he gets complimented, he's just like a little boy who has no idea that he's soooo cute! WAHAHA. You know I have this thing for totoy slash mama's boys. :) I just loooove the innocence. Here I go again. He smiles all the time, I just want to pinch his cheeks! :P And oh, that voice. WTH, where have you been hiding all this time? It's like it was obvious from the start that he and Cook would reach the finals. And oh, I love his eyelashes. OKAAAY that's enough already. HAHA.

I just wanted to punch when my prof last week when he said that Archuleta was only fit for Disney and Nickelodeon. He even said that it would be so tasteless if he would win.

First of all, I do agree that his FACE fits those kinds of companies. Disney, Nickelodeon, HSM, etc. He has this wholesome image too. He seems the perfect addition to one of those "corny-esque" pre-teen Disney movies because he looks the part. It's also a plus that he can really sing.


It doesn't mean that he doesn't deserve to win Idol. If you regard his win as "tasteless", then you are only judging him by his age, and not his singing capabilities. In my opinion kasi, the stars in Disney Channel (Hudgens, Efron, Cyrus, Tisdale, etc.) don't really give singing its whole worth. I'm sorry Zac. You're hot and all, but you're not really much of a great singer. :) And Hudgens? I don't like her singing at all. It's like listening to a chipmunk.

Just like Sandra said, I'm not worried if David A does win Idol or not. We all know he has a career already. I just hate hearing people say that he's only worth those preteen musicals! *^@&%#*& HAHAHA.

It isn't tasteless if you heard him sing, ya know! (Okay, am I too bitter already?) Haha.

I love David Cook and all, but there's really something about him that bothers me. He's just oh so comfortable! It's like, he's a professional already, that he has no worries of being eliminated. I appreciate the confidence and all, but it just seems he wasn't fit for Idol. WHY ISN'T HE RECORDING AN ALBUM RIGHT NOW ALREADY?! And there are just some performances I feel that he gets bored already? Like when he sang Dare You to Move. But then again, that's just me.

I'm excited as hell for wednesday! One thing's for sure, I'm rooting for DAVID! :)


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