Thursday, May 22, 2008

tanoshi desu ne!

Archie didn't win Idol, but that's okay darling! He has a car and I bet he'll be signing for a really big record company later (if he hasn't yet, that is). And oh, I took a video of the whole AI finals. HAHA. It's kinda snowy though.

I'm pretty much like a bum today. It's officially my first day of vacation after summer classes so WOOOOT! Haha, as you all know, Anime's like my comfort "food" especially when my vacation starts! WAAA! I'm currently watching Ichigo 100% (100% Strawberries) :D

Kk. More R & R for me! I have to enjoy it while I still can you know! I bet I'll be a zombie again after about a few weeks after school starts again!


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