Saturday, September 20, 2008

just like sotanghon - a bit of sabaw and senseless noodles of the brain

I have this splitting headache right now. I think I'm coming down with a cold. It must have been all the dance revo-ing last night with Makis. I was too smart to stand in front of the fan to dry all the sweat. Yeah, just like a little hard-headed girl.

At least I'm having some progress with my school stuff. I'm almost done with the 2 psy projects and at least the fil docu has some content in it already.

I'm like super sabaw right now - I can't even think of anything to write. Ugh, I'm so slipping with everything. This sem has just been such a roller coaster ride. I mean that psychologically too.

I finally got my endorsement form from the guidance! Yay! After ten thousand years, I can finally march into the Psy dept secretary without feeling fidgety. You know, for HR standards, the Psy dept secretary isn't really friendly. It's as if she's blaming me that I'm shifting. And hello? Her kunot face was yelling at me as if it was MY FAULT that SHE LOST MY GRADES. DUHHHH like I gave it to her months ago.
Oh well. There's no purpose blaming her and complaining about it. At least it's almost over.

And yay! In a few weeks, I'll be saying goodbye to Math. Nyahaha. Well not completely, I still have stat but goodbye to Calculus! Hahaha. And ughhh goodbye DL na talaga. I just got my last long test and it was just awful. HAHAHA. hay :< But did I mention that I'm studying Math in youtube? It's actually very helpful and kinda fun. :P It was also fun watching all the calculus music videos where they edited the lyrics of Sexy Back and Fergielicious. Dirty babbbbbe I'll let you whip me if you integrateeeeee :))

Okay, toodles for now. I gotta bang my head with a book.

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