Wednesday, December 3, 2008

i kinda miss SOM culture

To be honest, this is driving me nuts! The "bahala na" atmosphere and the laidback attitude are giving me a heart attack. How ironic. I guess it's just so different from SOM culture where everyone is competing (well not really compete, compete. We just did our best. But you know, setting the curve in SOM subjects and getting that exemption during finals). Presentations are organized and planned out ahead of time and people can get so OC. I hate the overly OC part, but I think I love the competition part. I may feel stupid and at the bottom at times - but that gives me the extra push to do better. To stretch my limit. To dig holes under my eyes until baggages form. To take too much caffeine that my body can't handle. To cry and whine about Porter's diamond, debit, credit, and derivatives. And then work my way through it 'till I get it.

Psy subjects are amazing, don't get me wrong. They're actually the most interesting subjects that I took in my entire Ateneo life. BUT, the atmosphere is just driving me crazy. Well, maybe just some people.

No fixed goals. No care in the world. Living just for the sake of living. Stagnant. Narrow-minded.

I must. I must. Remain on my toes.

And Megan actually told me that I was such a worry wart. A nerdomaniac. A study robot. Hmm I'm NOT THAT SMART TO BEGIN WITH. You're only supposed to call 'em SOSE people that. Not me. Haha. I'd like to think that I'm not OC. Sheesh. I'm FAR FROM OC. :)) But I do want things to be organized, at the least. I can be laidback too. I can be lazy too. I AM LAZY.

But I do love always doing something.

How ironic, really. I so contradict myself in various ways.

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