Saturday, January 24, 2009

I'm glad that I have fixed goals this time. It's better to be one-sided and driven than be stagnant and clueless. Hmm. Just something I wanted to say out loud.

I'm really trying to bring back some creative life into me though. I think I'm becoming too boring.

There's just really something missing. I guess it just came with the leaving of the spontaneity. Hmm. Ugh. In between. Such a gemini.

I am not making sense, am I? What's new.

Finally brought Zenith (my mac pro) to school and had the macci guy install the wifi. My ym didn't work again. Just like what happened last time with my sony vaio. Well at least this time there's no virus.

Anyway, I have to drag my butt off this Mac. I think it's the cause of me not being able to study properly. I get distracted. :S But how can I ignore the oh-so perfect aluminum finish and the 2.4 Ghz silver box in front of meeeeeeh. So fast and so not like windows hahaha.

Oh well I'm going nowhere.

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