Friday, January 2, 2009


I started learning how to drive just awhile ago in Talayan. Gosh, never did I realize how much I could sweat because of the jitters. But I think I'm getting used to it already. It's even easier than I expected. (But hey, it's too early to say) I even drove back home. Oh eff. I braved Araneta avenue and Retiro. Hahaha. And the stoplight by Araneta ave was even busted. Oh well. At least I didn't bump the car on my first day.

I'm proud of myself so far. It's one step closer towards my new, confident, and independent self. Last night, somebody even called me cold. Nyahaha. Well, he's one of those low-lives, so don't worry lovelies. I'm still the sorta sweet Ishi you all know when I'm with you. (Btw, I'm not a lesbian)

I also eat pork less now. Well, there's no real effort there anyway. There's something about pork and meat that makes me wanna hurl.

And oh, I think I'll be studying every New year's eve from now on. Well last year I was doing my argumentative paper. Haha. It feels good doing something responsible and self-benefitting during New year's eve, through midnight, and New year's day. It's liberating. You should try it. Besides, my family stopped having family reunions and fire cracker marathons during new year's eve since I was in grade school so I have nothing else to do anyway.

I've also became more sociable yesterday. The Lumanlan side went over for merienda and it felt good staying there instead of staying by myself in my room.

So far, so good. I hope that I get to maintain it throughout the year.

Yosh! I'm bracing myself for an exhilarating one.

I also made a poupee account and I'm addcited to it! I'm filling my closet with my own stuff, I'm excited. Haha. Here's my outfit for the day.

Do I look like it? Haha. Too bad about our climate here though. I always dreamed of layering and wearing savvy coats.

I'll be posting my poupee on my sidebar so that I can change the outfit anytime. :)

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