Friday, January 16, 2009


Stat test went pretty okay. Originally it was supposed to be from 5-8 but we were dismissed by 7. The test was relatively easy - which scares me to bits. Usually when I feel this, I'm missing something about the test.

But I dunno, it'll be really hard to get an A since Sir will be basing the score with the average of the class. So even if I have a couple of mistakes, it would still depend on how well my classmates did. Since the test was easy, I'm betting that everyone will get high but only few will get an A.

Oh well, too early to say. But I do hope I get great marks with this one. Please lang.

Another set of tests again next week. It's the 2nd LT week again.

It's been getting really chilly these days, I just love it! I just wish that some sort of miracle will occur. You know, the Philippines suddenly floating upward - away from the equator. We can stay beside Japan or China. I long for the four seasons, that's why. But then again, acknowledging the facts, many people will die in the Philippines. With only a few yeros and car wheels, I don't think those squatter materials are really braced for snow storms.

But wouldn't it be rather interesting to see Pasig river with all the garbage love and filth freeze with all of it? I wonder if anyone will dare to ice skate in it. Haha. Silly thought.

With barbaric and inhumane thinking, the four seasons might actually do some good with our country. At least there will be less slums, less eye sores, less poor people to poop on the river. No more beggars in the streets. Less drug pushers. Less uneducated children. Less incestual rape. It's just another matter of survival of the fittest, isn't it?

Don't go get a kitchen knife and stab me right now. It's just another view of seeing it. But I do think like that sometimes. Then I slap myself after for doing so.

But then again, it's another parallelism of the term in Economics, the invisible hand. Where you just let the economy be. Do nothing, it'll save itself. It's like saying don't reduce, reuse, recycle. Pollute the environment. Let there be Global warming and brace the moment when all the ice caps melt. The Earth has been here before us, we're just its parasites. It will eliminate us if it's necessary. Let there be war worldwide. We'll all die anyway.

And it can be as simple as Don't take a bath anymore, you'll just get dirty anyway.

Just some random thoughts. I'll sleep na, I'm so bangag with all the z-scores and percentile ranks stuck in my head.

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