Saturday, March 21, 2009

I believe I can fly

Like OMG. I didn't expect I'd be this happy today. It was just amazing!


I finally talked to my parents about my future plans. I actually didn't expect they'll be this supportive. A few weeks ago I got depressed because it's as if they told me to brush off my plans with any study touring stuff. But maybe Mom was just tired when I asked her that time.

Anyway, they're giving me the go-go signal and the thumbs (and toes) up! They showed interest in the Europe study tour thing and was impressed with my initiatives of minoring and double majoring! Haha. But hmm I'm not sure about the double majoring though. I have a strong feeling it's gonna be MANAGEMENT (again!). But please, maybe Meco or eco will do. My parents are really business minded and money-oriented so it will simply not do if I don't take any business subjects. Well at least I got a taste of LS, Business calculus, and a bit of accounting.

My first option : To graduate first then take business subjects (that can eventually lead to double majoring)

Second option: Do 5 years in ateneo and balance psy and another business related course.

But the bottom line is: I have to take something business related. It's fine with me. Actually I'm ecstatic by the fact that my parents are so open that they're willing to pay for everything and are all about being the most I can be. And it doesn't matter to them if it takes me a couple years more before I formally graduate because of all the recession going on. The near future looks awfully dim and it would be better if I just stayed in school. At least my credentials will pop out amidst the others when I for job interviews. I'm a bit relieved that they actually opt for the first one. Para daw hindi ako mapressure.

Hmm but telling me not to panic and stress doesn't really make me less the worry wart that I am. But, I'm really really happy that we're about in the same page.

Broadening my world.

Just like Mom said, she wants me to spread my wings and fly! (she even demonstrated the flapping) WAHAHA. I want to knock off borders and I'm happy that they'll back me up.

They agreed on the euro study tour! And my OJT is on the works. But gosh, SO THIS IS HOW IT FEELS TO BE IN DEMAND WITH THE BIG COMPANIES. Now I just have to choose between citibank, johnson&johnson, or BPI. Okay, arrogant much. I'll be choosing the most flexible though. I have to prioritize the euro trip and maybe the other subjects that I have to take. But citibank has its charm. I really like the workaholic culture.

Chow for now!

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