Saturday, April 25, 2009

au revoir!

I've been relatively busy for the past few days. Been out of the house most of the time actually, doing errands, buying last minute stuff for the trip, and catching up with friends here and there. I can't believe I'm actually leaving in 3 days. It's like it was just yesterday when we were just planning if we were going to Europe or not. I'm excited and scared at the same time. But I'm more excited and happy that I have an opportunity like this. It does kinda feel bad though with all the recession going on. But we have no other time left. This will be the last time Ate will be able to join us.

I also have a sun line already! Just YM me for it if you want it hehe. I'm psyched that I finally have my own line after all these years of prepaid. And hmm, I think this is already my 4th sun number. But I'm betting this will be my last. Or at least I know that this will be my number for a while.

2 days ago, Kookie and Kay came over just to hang around. We loaded each other with our share of kwentos, watched Fight Club (or at least a part of it since it was brownout), made tambay at McDo Retiro just like old times, ate isaw at our Cordillera corner, and basically treated our neighborhood like a village. It's always what I craved for. Just hanging out with friends and just walking around the neighborhood - seeing it as a safe and secure place to hang around. Just like what Westerners do. Well I don't think the cough-inducing smoke from Retiro jeepneys or truck drivers who whistle at you exactly spell out a safe and pleasing neighborhood, but hey. I think this will do for now.

Yesterday, Arra, Josel, and I watched 17 again at Trinoma. Okay I didn't expect it was going to be sooo funny. The script's not as cheesy as I expected seeing it as a love-themed movie. It's one of the few movies that I'd gamely watch countless of times without falling asleep. Anddd might I just add that Zac Efron is just drop dead gorgeous?! I can't believe such a genetic miracle exists! Oh, man. I think my fangirl id just got the better of me again. But you must admit that he is dreamy. Lucky Vanessa. On the bright side, at least if they have kids together their kid will be 1/4 filipino (so he/she'll kinda look like me? a teensy bit). I wonder how that kid will look like.

We went crazy with the karaoke again. I even brought my old digicam so that I could record our MTVs. Haha too bad they're too embarassing to post :P

I'm leaving on Tuesday but I'm bringing my phone so don't forget to send me some love, k? :)

Europe here I come!!!

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