Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I'm back with a new layout and a brand new url! I changed most of the font colors, widths, and lengths of the base code again. Also added some photos. :) And...there are some "stuff" that are hidden here. I'm not gonna tell you what they are or how to see 'em, just look around. :P

But oh well. I changed my url because I badly needed a change. I've been stuck in all this muck that glues me to unproductivity. I am ready to start anew and with that, I bring you my new name in the cyberworld as well. I didn't make a new blog because I want to keep moving forward and I don't think "erasing" the past (entries) will do much good to me. Having these past entries will be a subtle reminder of the essence of all this. It'll give me the push that I need.

I've been wanting to change ishipanda for the longest time, mind you. Ishipanda is such a cutesy name for a bipolar 18 yr old lady. I can't stay perky and happy all the time. And I can't eat ice cream cakes all my life either. I'm not a kid anymore who hides in the corner of the room.

So why vividpaisleys? Well, I've always been a big fan of vibrant colors, bright hues, and surreal experiences. Paisleys seem the right noun for it since I like vintage and the psychedelic-ish charm of paisleys is ideal. I also like the shape. It's not like a circle or a square which has definite forms. Paisleys can take the form of various swirly designs, dots, zigzags, and whatever!

My mind is set. My future is planned. My so-called diary has moved with me too.

Now, the only task left is to do the task itself.

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