Friday, April 17, 2009

Summer thoughts

The blogging bug has worn me out over the years. I used to blog n times a day before! What happened? Oh noes.

My summer has been pretty dull and lifeless. I've cooped myself at home for the past 2 weeks and would decline gimiks here and there. I only left the house when I accompanied my Ate to Megamall and Shang a few days ago and she even had to drag me there just for me to go. I don't understand why I have been this homebody for the past weeks. The sound of going out doesn't entice me that much as it used to and I'd rather wallow myself in my so-called vice. Heehee.

I practically drowned myself in all the Jdrama, korean movies, anime, and manga. I've watched Absolute Boyfriend, Onegai sensei, Yamato nadeshiko shichi henge (read the manga too), School Rumble, a couple of Shugo Chara eps, Romantic Island, etc. I'm currently watching Honey and Clover live because Ikuta Tomas there :) I really love this form of escapism. It's so much fun. Getting lost and worked up with the characters and identifying myself with them and the story. It's short term but it still beats the boring summer atmosphere anyday.

I am also proud to say that I'm exercising regularly! Well at least I have for 2 days now. I'm actually quite addicted to it already. I never thought doing the threadmill and weights was such a great way to relieve deep seated stress. And the buckets of sweat even felt good. But gosh, our gym is so hot it's like a sauna in there. But I guess that's a plus since I sweat more. Way way more.

I do have to maintain the healthy eating habits though. Because I get so tired after working out, I resort to binge eating. What's worse, I eat all the sweet junk. :( Well it's my fault for buying all those Hello Pandas and Puccas from PureGold the other day. Oh well. At least when I finish this, there will be less temptations. But I am happy to say that I've been living without pork and meat for sometime already.

Moving on to our trip to Europe, I'm keeping myself busy with reading all the historical stuff that's related to the places that we'll be going to. It'll be a shame if I only knew about it when I see it myself. I'd like to stock on some useful knowledge for me to fully appreciate the places, people, and things that I'll see. The trip will be so tiring, just thinking about it wears me out already. Imagine, after traveling for nearly a day, we arrive in London at 6 am -without any rooms yet since check-in is at 2 pm. Plus, we'll be exploring about once we step into British land partnered with jetlag. It's straight to Buckingham Palace! It is exciting in one page, but I'm not really good in adjusting with opposite timezones and it might help if we at least arrived during nighttime to have the night's sleep at least. And we'll be going country-to-country almost every single day. It will be so fast paced I may have to bring some instant coffee with me even though I hate instant coffee.

But nowhere to complain in worry, I'll just arm myself with lotsa fern-c capsules and a major talk with my sleepy self. I should be a sponge!

I'm also currently looking for the route to Liverpool. You know, where the Beatles started. But based on my research, it's about 4 hours from our hotel in London and 4 days by foot (laugh if you must, but that's what the site said!) And well, I saw the photos of the place and they weren't really that fantastic to look at. But just KNOWING the history and all, it's a must see. :( Penny Lane, the cavern club, and strawberry fields will be there. My Dad made an indirect suggestion of going to Abbey Road instead. It's a lot closer. Look at this - it's actually a live stream of the famous Abbey road pedestrian walk. I've read other people's blogs about this and many of them felt embarrased to have their picture taken in the middle of the road. Well I'd be too. I thought Abbey road was like a sidestreet but judging from the stream and other blogs, it's actually quite a busy intersection. And we know that English people aren't exactly that patient with tourists especially Asians. Oh whatever, I'm going to have my picture taken there even if it means angry car honks. It's all about the history, baby.

Ooh it's getting late, Imma hit the sack now. And it's nice that I finally blogged again. And my entry's quite long too. Till next time ;)

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