Saturday, January 12, 2008

ang sarap maging isip bata lagi

ahh i have so much to do! soo little time! :(( i still have to study for my Physics LT, do the Pre-lab, read a chapter in english, study for the ITM diagnostic, practice for arnis midterms, do my math assign, and study for my LT2 in math. waaa i hate math. :((


last friday was a good breather for me though. :) i had my first date with makis and i had a blast! too bad miranda couldn't come. :( it was nice getting all crazy and childish again. :P we watched the BEE movie! and i liked it! i actually thought it was too kiddie and the movie "formula" was common, but the movie actually turned out great! i didn't expect the ending and the story isn't really exactly for small kiddos. :P

we super enjoyed at timezone! wooh! we will so own the drum mania and dance revo machines! hahaha ang funneh.

makis: ishi, tag-isa tayo sa hand sensor thing.
ishi: ayan! gusto ko butterfly ung kanta! *starts to sing* aiyai aiyai where's my samurai
makis: waaa bakit ayaw?!
ishi: akin rin! waaa panay miss! ayannn! perfect! perfect!
makis: kaya natin to! ayan! perfect! perfect!
ishi: nafefeel ko na ung kanta! hahaha
makis: ako rin!

drum mania:

makis: ishi! ikaw magtama ng green!
ishi: ikaw na! kin na ung paa! *then trips on the chord of the drum stick*
makis: hahah! waaa pano kung 2 na tatamaan ko?! aahhh! ishi!
ishi: teka lang tatlo tatlo na tinatamaan ko!
=)) isipin mo na lang nag-aaway kami habnag naglalaro at may nakapila pang mga lecheng highschoolers. at least we didn't fail! =))

dance revo:
let's just say, FAILED. =))

don't worry makis! we'll master it next week! HAHAHA

i also ate my ultimate fave ice cream ever! Haagen-dazs strawberry ice cream! ahhh! :X it's so nice to be in heaven. :P

okayyy. so this isn't exactly what i ate but i sure hope i get to eat one of these in the future!


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