Sunday, January 27, 2008


wow! it's been a while, noh? it's because i've been busy with school stuff lately..


lemme give you a teensy summary of my life for the past few weeks:

dinner and movie date with miranda! woohoo! makis was also supposed to go but she had to attend a wedding or something. but hey! it was also fun with miranda! hahaha! we watched Sweeney Todd in Gateway. and yes, it's R18. And yes, the girl DID ask our age. AND yes, we told here we were both 18 (i'm actually only 17 and miranda was only 16 then. she turned 17 last jan 20!) AND yes, we showed her our college IDs because we don't drive yet. And yes, she still wasn't convinced. AND yes, the guard was kind enough to let us in! woohoo! HAHA! AND then the weirdest thing happened...the girl cashier asked us if miranda and i were sisters! PFFFT. dude, ang layo talaga. i mean hello?! how could we be sisters if we're both 18 unless we're twins, right?! ugggh soo stoooopid.

anyhoo, we doodled while we dined at Burgoo. yay! hahaha we finished an 8-slice pizza and mozarella sticks! yeah, i know! we're sooo still growing kids! and we even bought lotsa candy at Sweet Factory. hmm...come to think of it, it really isn't that surprising that the girl cashier was so anxious! i guess we still have this all-cheery and teeny-boppy hair aura that screams UNDER 18! hahaha. and to top it all off, our voices aren't exactly that of a woman's. haha.

timezone!!! we went gag over the dance revo machine! hahaha! and this time, we were actually good! HAHAHA =)) and i won a free stuffed toy! wiii! the guy at the counter was even hesitant to give me one coz i guess it was that unusual for someone to actually win a prize at the fishbowl game thingy.

the movie wasn't as spectacular as i expected. Well, hello, i wouldn't expect anything great if the movie didn't win multiple Golden Globe Awards. The scenes weren't as morbid as i expected either. Sweeney Todd is like a baby next to movies like SAW and Chainsaw Massacre. In short, there were no torture scenes. it wasn't that graphic. The blood also looked too "bright" to be real. AND the ending! oh the ending! =((

I brought Miranda home and was able to see her room! yay! finally!

jan 21-25




arrgh. don't even ask.

jan 26:

Sagala ng mga Sikat preparations. The day was so tiring! we brainstormed for about 4 hours before actually coming up of something.

Please o please, watch The Sagala ng mga Sikat on Feb 8. I think it starts at 6 pm. It's like our version of UP's lantern parade, and i'm in it! hehe! :D Our class (or more one person) worked so hard on our proposal (only 30 got in the parade), so please watch out for us! Our class float is all about Ibong Adarna and we're really trying our best to make it good, so please please watch! :D I know it's the same night as the bandfest, but i bet it's gonna be worth your time! We'll also be the first in the lineup, so you can't miss us! hehe :)

Had early dinner with Rex at Shakey's.

9 pm:

headed for Con's 17th inuman partaay in Timog. Newsdesk bar. the place was pretty cool. it's more of an inuman venue than a dance i'm still looking for a place for my 18th bday. :) if you know a good place, lemme know ok? :) i'm thinking more of a dance place.. :)

I went home at around midnight coz my headache got so bad. :/ Oh well, sorry Con! Happy Happy Bday! we'll see each other again soon! :D and sa susunod, pwedeng wag mo ng dalhin ung lasing mong blockmate na ginawang ashtray ung buhok ni megan?! hahaha kidding!

hmmm i guess that's about it for now. my weekend was fully booked because of practices and scouting for ultra-fab wallpaper for my room (i want to change the look of my room for my 18th bday. i want it to have a retro theme!).


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