Saturday, January 5, 2008

give me a lollipop

classes start tomorrow and i'm not even a wee bit excited. do i even have to tell why? i miss the days wherein the only thing that i had to think about during the xmas break was the intramurals. and now...i have to worry about longs tests, argumentative papers, research work for Japanese, 2 reaction papers for fil, and more. but whatever. complaining won't do anything. it's not like my load is as heavy as before.

i'm currently watching my ultimate fave childhood movie, My Girl in HBO. aww :) it's a coming of age story. and it's so adorable. :P


ate just left yesterday for canada. it's weird that i didn't even shed a tear.


I've been generally happy for the past few days and i'm wondering why. i'm guessing it's because it's finally a new year and i've set my new year resolutions straight.

  • this year, i'm gonna make sure that i won't have any distractions. yeah, no more guy crushes, gushing, or fussing over DIMS. :P this year will just be like high school. i'm gonna ignore all that just like before. i'll surround myself with hs friends, that's all. :) it's time for lesbooo love, that is! HAHAHA, i'll punch you if you're believing that. but really, you know what i mean.

  • i'm going to stay being a kid, at least for this year! at first, i actually told myself to stop eating sweets because it aint healthy. but who am i kidding?! i can't do that! HAHAHA i went gaga over the dessert table at Sofitel on the first day of the year! so much for that :P

  • i won't let unimportant people ruin my day. i'll always keep a positive outlook. :)

  • time to unprocastinate! it's DL time! hahaha :D do whatever it takes! even if it means i have to chant "i love school" all over again.

  • see my world in cartoon motion. kyaaa!
i know that all these are kinda childish at first glance, but i guess it's the only way that'll make me cheery for now. :)

ja ne!


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