Saturday, January 12, 2008

a touch of bliss

i just had the greatest dream ever! <3

you know you're addicted to someone when you start dreaming about them.

He was humanized and all my fantasies came to life. It was pure bliss and everything was in slow motion. It was beautiful. I hugged his lanky but warm body and his chin brushed over my forehead. His skin became gold as the sun kissed it and his hair had the color of burnt amber. He was facing against the sun, as he looked at me. My view became rosy-colored and cherry blossom petals were all over the place. And he told me, "Sana laging ganito."

Too bad it'll never happen. :/

SHET ANG CHEESY. just ignore this. HAHA. :P

oh well, it's still nice to think about it from time to time. :) for now, my reality is all about being a kid again. :)


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