Thursday, April 10, 2008

otsukaresama deshita

I'll be going back to school tomorrow to fix my subjects for my summer. Apparently, they took out my Eco because my 2nd yr units were enough already. But I really want to take Eco for summer since I'll be bombarded next sem with Accounting, LS, Psych, Calculus, etc. I just want to be done with at least one math-related subject para naman mas magaan ng kaunti. Kahit kaunti lang.

The original plan tomorrow is to go to IslandCove overnight with blockmates but I don't think it'll push through. Hay.

My summer break will be over soon. I don't want to go to school yet. I'm not feeling it yet. I'm still a bit tired and I'm dreading my daily 3-hour class of ITM. HAY computers! Programming was my hatest subject during hs, and I don't think it'll change this summer.

I also started "studying" Japan for our trip. We'll be commuting all throughout so now I'm trying to familiarize myself with famous spots and how to actually go to the spots. HAVE YOU SEEN THEIR RAILWAY MAP?!?! After studying it for like 3 effing hours, I had a migraine! My goodness. I also have to make the itinerary for the trip, since Dad thinks studying Japanese and watching Jdrama and Anime is enough for me to know Japan. I'll lead the way daw. Aww man. But I guess this will serve as an entree for me before I dive myself into serious traveling. Diba nga, I plan to travel around the world? So, I guess it's time that I toughen myself a bit and learn to be efficient when I'm not in my comfort zone. Ganyan naman talaga ang totoong buhay.

I bet Dad will be pushing me to be the one to ask directions and stuff. In Japanese too. Hmm I have no problem asking per se, I just don't know if I can actually understand their directions. :))

I also finished my 4th marathon! Hehe, and instead of watching it for one day, I gave my body a break and watched it in 2 days. hehe. :p This'll be my last "blow" for summer. :P Hanazakari no Kimitachi e! Aka Hana Kimi. Yeah I know, I'm such a loser for watching it only now, but nobody told me that the storyline was swak with my personality! Haha. I like Girl-fantasy (Shoujo) storylines. Tipong a girl disguises herself in an all-boys school, joins a super hot club, and where all the hot male characters fall for her. :)) (Ouran) Waa don't get me started! I just might blab all throughout!

Hai. Ja mata! (Seeya!)


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