Sunday, June 28, 2009

I'm trying my best to be as studious as possible for the past weeks. And I guess I'm about 60% of it. Where the 40% went is probably the testing-the-waters stage.

Watched Transformers yesterday. I reserved seats via and was surprised to see that almost half of the seats were already taken. We got the first screening which was 1130 but was in G4 by 1030 to claim the tickets. The guy in front of me reserved more than 10 tickets! And I thought I was kinda paranoid. The movie was about 3 hours but I never got bored. And holy crap Megan Fox is simply the hottest woman in the planet. I swear, I was scanning her body from head to toe - I felt like I was a guy. But really, how can someone look so divine and just perfect? I just knew it when I first fancied her in Transformers that she'd make it big. I was in absolute disbelief that some people didn't find her that attractive during that time.

And I'm actually wishing that the rumor that Megan Fox being a man is true. So that I'll still have some sort of chance to be Mrs Megan Fox. Or not. Hahaha okay this entry is so weird and maybe disturbing for you. But can you blame me? And I thought Nicole of PCD was hot...

Anyhoo, enough of that. I have a paper and some serious studying to do.

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