Tuesday, June 16, 2009


What is it with me and today and everything going haywire. Did I eat something cursed? Or did I step on some magical creature?

Today was just hell okay.

Sometimes it makes me wonder whether I have a mild case of being bipolar.

Sometimes I just havta cry to let some of it make their way down my cheeks. I've developed this habit of doing it in the bathroom and in pitch darkness. There's just something about darkness that makes me feel so alone yet assured that for that brief moment, I am my own universe and that nothing else matters.

It's a mild symptom of existentialism - I'm theorizing.

Thank you so much Raffy dearest for today. You made it more bearable. You gave me a smooth start. Except it kinda got bad towards the end. Haha.

I shall crash more often, be ready. :D

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