Friday, June 5, 2009


Ok. Can I just say that I'm soooooo stressed right now? I've been hearing complaints about everyone's schedule or that aisis has once again failed us in providing the decent quality of the servers.

Yes, I also experienced the internet glitches when I enlisted. I was panicking and cursing 20 minutes before my scheduled enlistment because Firefox and Safari kept telling me that the server timed out. Usually it just says that a random number scheme is being implimented so I can't log in yet. But yesterday, the aisis site just didn't work at all. Well at least until about 10:01 am. It was really funny actually. People were ym-ing, calling, and plainly bombarding me with questions of my schedule and such. Bea's case is even funnier. She's in Pampanga and kept Internet cafe hoping because she thought that the internet was the one that didn't work well. Hahaha. She even called a couple of times.

Fuck the rule that Psy students are only allowed to a maximum of 17 units this semester. Trust me, if you think you experienced hell during enrollment - just look at my case. I had to continually call different departments so that I could enlist in my Psy 102.2 class because there were 4 classes restricted for 2nd yr students only. Only one class was open for all year levels. And guess what? There were 0 slots left. But I just clicked anyway since the other classes had -3 in them so I thought I could just enlist. K. Wrong move. Clicking each subject took forever to load sooooo my other classes which had the profs that I really really REALLY like had 0 slots already by the time I confirmed my enlistment. And I was soooo happy when I saw 4 slots in Dy's class (fyi, he's the no. 1 choice for philo). I thought that when I presses "enlist", I was already enlisted in that class. Okay di pa pala.

I had to repeat the whole enlisting process thrice because the server kept on restarting and my enlisted classes would all be gone. So by the time that I confirmed my enlistment, my chosen classes were full already. I ended up in NONE of the classes that I originally planned weeks before. Hahaha. And so all that research about the profs didn't pay off to well after all.

The psy dept told me to just loadrev so that I could add my Psy 102.2.

K. Not end of my story yet.

I talked to Mr. Calasanz, ADAA about my overloading issue and he said I had to get an endorsement from my department if I wanted to overload 2 units. Since I want to overload 5 units for the double majoring, another 3 for Advanced Japanese, he told me that I had to get the endorsement of my department and the IS department (since that will be my second degree). Sooo that means I have to get the double majoring approved first before applying for the overloading of 5 units. (Trivia: Sir Calasanz is the only Atenean that was given an A+ in the card. And by Fr. Ferriols (a legend) to boot. And that's Philosophy, btw.) I was really anxious about talking to him buttt he seems to be a really nice guy. And, after the interview, I asked him if he knew my uncle. When I said my uncle's name, he burst into cheery laughter! They were close friends back in Lourdes and even in Ateneo. :p He also remembers my Dad rin pala. Sir is funny, he laughs all the time.

Another thing I had to fix over the past few days:
The rescheduling of my practicum so that I could go to the European study tour next summer. I had to talk to the Psy chair. And she approved! Yay! But it's still tentative though. She will still have to discuss how it will be done since the practicum has a class with it. But as far as she's concerned, there's no problem.

So so sum up the things that I had and have to fix:
Calling numerous departments and convincing them to grant my requests
Get permission for the practicum to be taken during the sembreak
Ask the Modern Languages department about the study tour details - some aisis stuff
Get endorsement from department about overloading
Get endorsement from psy dept and IS dept for double majoring
Fix the double majoring before classes start
Loadrev Psy 102.2 and JSP 104

K. That's about it. Yesterday, I just had to stop and just gather my thoughts for 20 minutes because I had so much to do. The procedures and all that. It gets mixed up.

Andddd it looks like I'll have to do most of it on June 8 since I'll be leaving for Bora on the 9th. So yay happy bday to me. Please please Lord. I ask this as a birthday present. Please let all these push through smoothly.

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