Friday, August 14, 2009

I'm dying right now. I'm cramming all the stuff that I need to cram since Sat and Sunday I'll be out. It's the AIESEC amazing race tom, and I'm a station head! Wiii. Good thing our station will be by Thomas Moore's statue so I can study physio or look for journals for Expe. And on Sunday, I'll be in Ateneo by 7 am to 7 pm for our physio production. SHIT man. Our prof doesn't have any school spirit at all. We're gonna miss the game for this huhu. The production thing will be BIG. We have 3 hours to execute everything. Our topic is sleep and we're gonna have our own Sleepsonian Museum. And I'm gonna be a statue. And Queen Amidala at that! Yeah, my Mom has this costume of Queen Amidala because BPI had this huge event before where all of the VPs dressed up in Star Wars costumes. It looks like this. Actually my Mom's dress is pretty accurate! She even has that huge clam thingy.

GAD I am so panicking right now. Our expe prof dropped deadlines on all the same day. LT #3, Experiment draft, and Lab Report #2 all on the 24th. And what's worse, the Lab Report is really like one of those serious journals that makes you fall asleep. Waaa I don't wanna :S Oh yeah, the philo paper is also due on Monday. And the guide questions will only be given on Thursday so I have no choice.

I'm also really really behind in physio. I can't understand a thing anymore. I really really need to quadruple time with this one! And our first LT wasn't exactly pleasant either. Our faci explicitly told us "Guys relax! I also failed the first one. 14 nga score ko e!" Geesh. Way to go to motivate us dude.

I also have 2 more papers due for Japarts, so there. And another huge Chinese Production for Histo. We rented a roofdeck since we're going to apply Chinese customs via Amazing Race. But now we're having problems on how to decorate such a huge venue. My groupmates are also not cooperating. Not attending meetings and making excuses. Hello who has a 22-unit load here?! If they think they're busy, what am I? And sheesh, someone making an excuse on missing out the 3 hr meeting for a consultation in english that can only last 15 minutes?!

I'm going berserk here what to do first.

WAAAAA! And I was looking forward to reading the 3 Haruki Murakami books that I successfully borrowed from the lib! I was ecstatic okay. I couldn't believe all 3 were there at the same time that I even borrowed Kafka on the Shore - a book I already have here at home! =)) I just really love the feel and smell of old books, that's all.

Anyhoo, I havta go now and go multi-task and possibly go crazy. Seeya when I seeya.

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