Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ugh. Again with this thing. I didn't sleep last night because of you. How pathetic of me.

Well I guess it was exhilirating to have someone think of you and kinda make you feel wanted. But of course, this is only the sugar coating of a very dangeroussss cake. Beneath that there's a lot to learn, dearie.

And I may not be ready for that.

Random ponderings can really make you go down. When all else is happy and cheery, you peak your ponderings to an absolute irrational state. And then when you thought something was really gonna happen, you plummet down.

I feel kinda stupid for not grabbing the opportunity awhile ago. It was what I wanted anyway. But NOOOOO I had to think about my ego and the far future for that matter. But I guess it will do good narin in the long run. I must not get attached okay. :(

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