Saturday, August 29, 2009

I've been keeping myself busy with A LOT OF ORG STUFF. Read: AIESEC. I'm in the Marketing department right now and it's as demanding as ever. Actually, it's the department that I least liked because it makes me feel all jittery. But hey, it's a challenge and I took it. Despite constant hell weeks, I've dedicated a fraction of my time for this. I can't believe I'm ignoring physio a bit because of this. :| I just hope it's all worth it in the end. But woohoo I (with the help of Mom) booked BPI worth 15k already! That's a start for the 800,000 target.

And btw, I'm a bit stable right now. I think this can be a start of something new (okay let's all sing now). I'm happy and I hope it lasts. I'm not being too serious about it as I'm scared to death. But I'm finally genuinely open to this. *wink wink*

On another note, check out my relationship status in facebook! Hahaha.
I love you forevahhhh Sandra! Hahaha I promise to have our lunch date next week :)

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