Tuesday, August 11, 2009

With the lack of comprehension of physio concepts regarding the complexities of the brain, I find myself at a complete loss. GAD PHYSIO.

Just awhile ago I had the most exhilarating feeling ever. Ever experienced dumping someone indirectly? BWAHAHA. Well that was well-deserved anyway.

I am back to manually painting props for school again just like in hs. Making a huge brain out of pink japanese paper can be so tedious. And yeah, I'm back to painting illustration boards with crappy textile paint and coarse 20 peso brushes. But it does feel kinda rewarding even if it means a huge backache right after.

I wonder why my blogging has diminished to a meager of about 3-5 posts per month. Unbelievable. I used to post almost every single day or at least once a week. Is it because my life has become less exciting? Or is it because there isn't much exciting things in my life to begin with and it is only now that I realize that?

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