Monday, March 10, 2008

Bragging can be good at times

Stress is practically in my veins right now. There's so much to do! It also doesn't help that it's my first day today. Boo. But I'm currently printing my Fil paper so I'm a bit relieved. :D yay!

We just got our second drafts back in Eng12! I swear, I wasn't expecting an A! And a 100 at that! Paano naman kasi, my Prof always gives us Cs and Bs. But I dunno, maybe she's really in love or something. :P She might even use my paper for samples. 0.o ZOMG it's my first time! yay!

Physics lab tomorrow. 730 am for crying out loud. But at least we're just going to "jam and partaaay" (my prof's own terms). Oh please. She just wants us to give her a passing mark for evaluation. Sorry dearie, All you're going to get from me are 3s (5 is the highest rank, btw. And 3 aint a good grade). But I still like her for "Very Good"-ing our group! We were the only ones who got that, so I guess that's a good sign.

Lit14 long test on Wed. That's something new. That'll be our first test ever (besides the midterms).

No more PE! Woohoo! And oh yeah, talking to my opponent last week was rather funny.

opponent: How many times have you fought na?
ishi: umm..twice? Diba lahat naman tayo?
opp: huh?! you've fought two already and you won in both fights?!
ishi: bakit? ikaw ba hindi? :P
opp: No! you know what, maybe you're so good at this! I'm honestly super scared right now!
ishi: Ano ka ba. I'm not good kaya. Don't worry, I'm super sabaw today!

Round 1:
5 and 1
I won.
Seriously, nagulat na lang talaga ako. I wasn't hitting her anymore since I seriously didn't want to go to the Culminating Act last Sunday. Pero wala e, lahat ng mga palo ko malakas e. Lahat "pasok". Well, sorreh. :D

Round 2:
3 and 4.
She won.
It was so funny because we were just both laughing because we both couldn't see anymore! HAHA. Our bandanas were already blocking our eyes. :))

Round 3:
3 and 4 again.
She won. Yay!
Seriously, I was so relieved that I swallowed my ego and just let her win. I didn't want to wear that stinky Arnis guards anymore. It smells like a wet dog. And the arm guards are like..dripping from other people's sweat?! And I couldn't afford to lose another day because I had to do so many things! So I just let her win. And good thing I was on the side where I could monitor my score! This may sound too mayabang, but it's true! HAHA. Pero sige na nga, mayabang na ako. That's okay. If you're reading this, you're probably my friend. :P Hey, we all have our moments!

Anyhoo, it's getting late. There's still a long week ahead of me. But bragging a bit helps! At least I know that my efforts are worth it.


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