Monday, March 31, 2008


Right now, I think I'm beginning to experience this summer bum syndrome again. You know, the restless feeling of doing nothing?! It's just my 2nd day of summer and I feel so dumb already! Haha.

Good thing Dad and I went to PowerBooks yesterday. I bought this fab book, Honeymoon with My Brother. Now, before you can think of some incest and taboo relationship story, lemme tell you that it's actually a story about a man who got dumped by his fiancee a few days before his wedding. Having all the stuff prepaid, he and his brother decided to just go on with the honeymoon...without a bride. After two weeks of self-rediscovery, they extended their honeymoon to years to the extent that they quit their jobs, sold their houses, and sold everything they had just to travel around the world.

"Sometimes you have to travel around the world to discover yourself and the place you call home"

Ahhhhh. :D This is the perfect book for me right now. I feel so empty right now! "I want to fall in love with something!", just like Joey said. I have this feeling that I'm not living my life to the fullest and that I can't die anytime soon. Because if I did, my life couldn't be called something substantial enough for people to know. I want to swim and savor all the different cultures and art as much as I can. I want to discover ANYTHING new(I don't mean academic stuff), and I want to meet different kinds of people. I'm tired being this shy girl who won't even talk to the person next to her in a plane. I want to get out of my own comfort zone and just embrace life.

Go and live my life to the fullest. One day at a time.

No fixed schedules and hasty decisions. I want to explore at my own pace.

I don't know what's going on with me right now, but I've never felt this urge to become someone MORE ever before.

Just like Picasso said, "When you like what you're doing, inspiration will hit you anytime". Or something like that! Haha


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