Saturday, March 1, 2008

psychedelically silly

Oh darn. I actually promised myself awhile ago that I wouldn't do anything that isn't related with academics. And look at me now. You're now reading something I wasn't supposed to do. Do you feel my rebellious ways? (haha, that line was supposed to be a pun)

Oh GAWD. KILL ME NOW. My Oral Defense for my eng paper has been moved to Monday so the weight on my chest hasn't said goodbye yet. I just know that I'll fidget until I won't be able to answer any of my Prof's questions. Oh poo. Whatever.

Yesterday was quite fun. Miranda and I had our second date together. But it was in Eastwood this time. Yeah I know! It's been too long! The last time we watched The Bloomfields together was like a year ago? Like summer, perhaps? Oh well, I've heard that a new batch of groupies has been following the Boys like they were tails on the boys's butts. I've never considered being a full-time fan girl, fyi. That's because I have a life. I have my own things to do, my own fun, and my own glimpse of the glamorous life. [okay, maybe not on that last one ] But really, I'd rather not bother too much with other people's lives. Wala rin naman akong mapapala. [Am I bitter? Nah, I just feel rather disgusted by the sight of super fangirls/fanboys who take their idols much to their veins that it hinders them to have a normal life]

Next week is the REAL HELL WEEK. Hello Inferno and all of its Circles.

The next few weeks will be super hectic. All my weekends are booked for Lit practices, papers, Orals, and deeper eyebags. I'm so used to sleeping at around 1 or 2 already. Hmm. :(

My room's face lift process is almost done! I just changed all of my linens and switched to psychedelic/60s/retro prints! I can say that I tend to hang around my room more often, now that it really looks vintage. And when classes end, I'll be framing 4 Ultra fab vintage posters to complete the vibe of my room. :D I'll be waking up to the sight of Paul McCartney, Audrey Hepburn, and Elvis! wooohoo! :D I can't wait! I'm also done printing the design of my customized mirror. I used some Photoshop brushes and I'm really hoping that the Glass Etcher artist can do it!

Sorry for boring you. Here's something that might make you laugh:

Sir Oca: Okay class. Today, we''ll be discussing the poem of [insert author here] who wrote [insert title with the word Coconut].

[The poem is like a tribute to the Coconut tree by stating that it's the tree of life...very nurturing like a mother...the Coconut husks are like nipples of a woman..the coconut milk is like the fluids that women produce..]

Sir Oca: Now, class. Why did the Jose Garcia Villa compared the coconuts to the nipples of a woman?

Student: Sir, because it's a figure of nurturing and sensitivity.

Sir Oca: Yesss! It's very sensitive and very ticklish too! Go on try it! Diba? [starts touching his nipples] You know like sa guys, the nipples become erect when touched. Bakit kaya? Mr Riskin, go on try it! Touch it! Why?

Okaay, I already felt uneasy reading the poem by itself. He didn't have to go all out with that! Yeah, Sir is definitely cheap when it comes to orgasms. He himself said so. He says these things for him to have these mental orgasms. Oh well, at least Lit doesn't lull us to sleep.

Oh yeah, the serious part of my blog, Jun Lozada (can this topic be any more overdiscussed?). For my entire life, this was the first time that I really made the effort to know what's going on in this country (without being forced to by my socsci teacher). It really is mind-boggling. You really know that you're not in hs anymore when you really care about the News. It's weird when you suddenly talk about politics with your kabarkada as if it was like some sort of casual chikka. Iba na talaga. Ateneo has also been very active regarding the Lozada issue. I think we're beating UP at it. HAHA. For the past 2-3 weeks, Ateneo students and faculty members have become activists, shouting out their beliefs along Gate. 2.5 Katipunan Avenue almost everyday. It was like so surreal. Never have I thought that the day would come that Ateneans can be called aktibistas. Hello, may rally sa school araw-araw? Medyo sanay narin ako. Haha. Paano ba iyan? :)) They even had their own assembly yesterday at Xavier before going to the Makati rally. Sabi nga nila mas madami pa daw Atenista kaysa mga taga UP. Bagong buhay na ba ito? Malay mo, maisip na talaga ng ibang tao na ang stereotype na Atenista ay hindi Conyo.

Oh no, I have to go now. Gotta hear mass!

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