Saturday, August 16, 2008

happy bday kay!

Dear Kay,
Gee, it's been what? 8-9 years of sheer fun and all-out craziness? It's difficult to recount all the things we've been through since we've known each other since our weight was down by 30 pounds or so and our height started as eensy-bitsy 4'8? Magkabarkada pa tayo nun. Together with Rachelle and Vian. We were all so girly-girly- preparing the tiniest details for our slumber parties. We would even plan the color of our pajamas, the videos we would rent (sorority boys, Olsen twins movies, and blairwitch project! Remember?) I'd also shop for Doritos - our fave chips and you'd always be in charge in brininging the chiz whiz dip. We would also play Mystery Date like there was no tomorrow and did our nails and hair as if we were about to go a prom. It was pretty much hilarious, actually.

I remember our fondness of autograph books with all the "Thanks 4 da space" and all that jazz going was fun. You were crazy about Mike Shinoda and memorized all the Linkin park songs. In the end was your favorite and you rapped it like no one of us could. You even sang "Mi-mi-maykkkkk shinoda" instead of my Shirona(tama ba?).

Come high school, we were lucky enough to be classmates and even went to school together on the 1st day in fear of getting lost. And the rest was just history...the oh-so-big ii2 barkada was formed and we were just unstoppable. Barubalan and kagaguhan name it...we DID it. Haha. We slept during class near the garbology, even used pillows and blankets. We even had a Mr Doods pet for a while near the garbology rack.

Come 2nd yr, forever tambay at my house. DVD marathons, R18 movies, horror movies, comedies...we watched 'em all! And we even had the dignity of rewinding and slowmo-ing all the EHEM scenes. Credits to Judith and Carmel!

Saan-saan narin tayo nakarating sa pagtakas sa pagcommute. Hahaha. In short, we've been through grounds, hormonal highs, tomboy phases, and every phase we might think of. You've been one hella friend, Kay. And I'm super thankful that I met someone like you. Having adventures with you is fun beyond words! It's amazing how we did it. We all thought that the resectioning thing would come between us but NO! It even made us closer in a way! And sa college rin! Thanks for helping out the play haha.

You're definitely a keeper Kay. We may not see each other as much as before, but I still love you the same. Just always remember that we're practically neighbors and you can ring the doorbell anytime. Just text me beforehand, okay? :P

Hehe, love you Kay!

And oh, before I forget, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! HAHAHA

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