Saturday, August 2, 2008

Just laugh laugh laugh it off

It's quite chilly today and I'm loving it! :) I just switched off my aircon after freezing while eating my fave Green tea taro anmitsu (it's the Jap version of our halo-halo but with green tea ice cream!) . :P It's soooo good! It doesn't have that OFF slash awful grassy taste that you's really really good! YUMMM! I'm warming myself up with a couple of takoyaki balls that mom brought home for me in the meantime :) And yeah, it has lotsa pusit compared to the ones in Ateneo. Sus. The one in school is just full of coleslaw.

Anyhoo, I have a Fil paper due tomorrw...and I'm just editing it na lang. :) But Im really nervous because my prof has really high standards. Parang A na agad kami sa ibang fil prof pero sa kanya...mga C+ lang. I'm hoping that my really awful Filipino writing skills will hypnotize him into giving me an A. Nyahaha. I guess I'm that bad. :)) I swear, ang gulo ko magsulat sa Filipino. It's like me writing English 20 times worse (as if my english isn't bad enough). Hahaha.

Math long test 3 on Tuesday. SHITTTTT. I hate the topic. It's really confusing . :(( Wish me luck! Lemme borrow all your guardian angels on Tuesday, ayt? Hehe.

I was really pissed last night. He misses me daw. And then he asked how I was doing. Hahaha I didn't even reply when he said that. But after a few minutes I really got irritated. Hindi pala niya alam na galit ako sa kanya for the past few weeks. Talk about DENSEEEE mehnnnn. Okay okay. I was like about to explode when he told me that he didn't know what to say. And that he knows that if he said something else, it would only make things worse. Ok. Ganun na lang? Okay okay. Ayosssssssssssssssssssss! \m/

HAHAHA. But seriously, wala talagang kwenta. :))

Hmmm...Miranda and I are texting each other! Wooh! But I dont think it'll last. She was forgetful enough to leave her charger. Galing! Haha. And they have yet to sign up for an internet account soooo I might snail mail her! Wooh old school! I always wanted to send and receive snail mails. I love how it's so personal. :P

Anyhoo, I gotta cram my Math.

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