Sunday, August 17, 2008

reading makes me forget

I'm done with the 2nd book New Moon after like reading it the entire day. My eyes are kinda blurry right now but this usually happens when I have reading marathons. It's like I can see the outlines of all objects separating from its a blinking way too. It's distracting, really. The 2nd book is more interesting for me. And that's weird since most of the reviews I've read claimed that it's one of the boring books of the saga. They also said that the 1st one was well...dreamy, romantic, sweet...interesting choice of words actually. I find the 1st book too cheesy for my own good. I'd roll my eyes everytime all those OH-PLEASE-LEMME-HURL scenes. Some may call it sweet. I see it as some pathetic pick-up line conspiracy.

I seriously have to do something related to acads tonight. 2nd Psy LT on Wed. Quiz in Math on Wed too. And LT 4 for Math on Thursday. More filming for our Psy "indie film" on Thurs and Fri too. And oh, another quiz for Fil again on Thurs. I'm not really complaining...I'm just worried.

I have curls now! Hehe, it's something new. I just wish that not as much people would pull it ya know! :)) At least these will keep me form chopping my hair off again because I'd simply look like a bad mushroom if I did that and I kinda missed long hair. It's been the longest time since I grew my hair really long so maybe this time I'll be successful.

My Dad bought an LCD TV yesterday! Hahaha FINALLY. For the past year, he'd be stuck in those appliance stores; eyeing and asking all the possible questions about LCD TVs while my Mom and I would shop around the mall. Last week he was so smug and excited to tell us that he was finally going to get one. 32 inches with speakers and the works. It was also down by 8K compared to its "partners" in Sony and Samsung. The only problem was that its brand was like the ones that scream "Made in China!". It was SKY something...not exactly sure. I guess our amusement or more like panic got into him to the extent that he brought the Sony Bravia one just yesterday. Nahiya naman daw siya sa mga panglalalait namin. Kaya sige na lang, Sony na lang daw. Hahaha. My Dad's so funny, you shoudl have seen him when he had this moping moment hahaha.

Hmm...I guess that's about it. I have to cram now.

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