Sunday, November 2, 2008

Now that there's only one more week left for sembreak, I think I'm gonna cry. Last year's sembreak felt so long that I couldn't wait to (okay, so maybe I wasn't that excited) to start the new sem. But now's different. A month went by so fast, it didn't even made me feel...bored. I don't want it to end so soon.

I just finished enlisting in my classes a few hours ago, and eureka! I finally got yoga after all these sems. At least that's a pro. I have a 730 class though and you know how I am with early classes. Oh well, life's like that.

Since all the people at multiply are posting their scheds, here's mine. It's not as if anyone would stalk me in the first place. I'm not that interesting to begin with. Haha

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